How to take care of your long wig?

  Presumably all beauties have such troubles? How to comb the wig when it is knotted?Next, let me provide some advice for knotting!

1.Comb gently with hands first

  Gently comb with your hands first to roughly loosen the knots, which will reduce hair fall and comb the entire hair smoothly.

2.Lubricate the wig with hair oil

  Apply the hair care oil to your hands, rub your hands, and then gently apply the hair care oil to the entire wig, which can make the wig more supple.

3.Comb with steel comb finally

  When combing the hair, press the hair in front of the knot, first gently comb with a steel comb, and then comb the knot more vigorously.

  Have the sisters learned? Go get those wigs that are giving you a headache!