Women's Day sale

Women's Day sale, Shop One Unique Gift

In March, there is a very important festival - International Women's Day. The theme of Women’s Day is always called for greater equality for women. Most women will receive a gift on that day. Some mothers buy a gift for their daughters, some daughters buy for their mothers, also some women buy for themselves. In any case, gifts are the specific expression of festivals and a sense of ritual. So come to Lumiere Hair to shop one unique gift.


Lumiere hair Women’s Day sale

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1. Glueless Lace Wigs


As we know, usually wearing a human lace wig is a very tedious process, you need to install it, cut the lace, cut the baby hair, and then use glue to fit the hairline. It usually takes several hours for a set of procedures, and many customers need to find a professional hair stylist to install them. Especially some customers are allergic to glue, so they dare not try human hair wigs easily. But now, its time to say goodbye to those problems. Wear and go wigs can completely avoid these problems. 100% glueless, pre-cut lace with natural hairline, no glue no gel to avoid allergic, you can just wear and go.

It is very friendly for beginners, because you needn’t cut the lace, and it is easy to wear, just put it on your head, then there is a new hairstyle with you. There are only lace closure for wear and go wigs, but bleach knots, pre-plucked hairline, and no need to glue are all its irreplaceable advantages.

2. Highlight Wigs

Highlight wigs are a better choice for gifts. Because in terms of color, it has more choices, which are not as monotonous as solid colors, nor as ordinary as natural black color. Whether you like dark or light colors, you can find the one that suits you in Yolissa Hair.

There is blonde hair with yellow highlights, brown highlight, and honey blonde highlights. The 613 blonde wigs itself is a very popular color, adding a few strands of other colors to make it look more vibrant and charming. It is worth mentioning that yolissa exclusive original brown wig with blonde highlights, In the past year, the sales volume has been far ahead, and it has been loved by the majority of customers. Don’t miss it!

Just come to Lumiere Hair to choose one new human hair wig for your Women’s Day!!!

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