Get $100 Dollar 💰

    How To Get $100 Dollar

Good news, In order to reward new and regular customers, lumierehair has teamed up with paypal to hold a one-month limited time promotion. Anyone who meets the following conditions can get 100 dollars from our website

Condition 1

  • Place the order and pay it via PayPal payment method within 2.17th-3.17th
    (ps:PayPal accept Credit/Debit and Master Card Payment Method)

Condition 2

  • Post the unboxing video on one of your social media(Eg: tiktok,instagram,youtube ,facebook etc.)

Condition 3

Once we received & verified your email, We will send $100 dollar to your account

(The $100 includes a $10 cash back, two $20 coupons with no limited and a $50 coupon with limited)

One email address is limited to one time only