The Biggest Hair Trends of 2020 (So Far)

The Biggest Hair Trends of 2020 (So Far)

Get ready to see these looks everywhere.

1. Supermodel, Super Cut

Kaia Gerber has steadily been chopping her hair shorter and shorter for months, and her enviable new ear-length crop is bound to inspire legions of copycats.

2. Bob with Texture

A textured bob is all about geometry: the particular length and extra volume create gorgeous angles right at your jawline. This is a cut that looks great on all sides.

3. The Shag

Meg Ryan may be synonymous with this iconic haircut, but Selena Gomez is bringing it back.

4. Bump It Up

Would you try this trend?

5. Euphoria Hair

If your hair isn't covered in pearls or rhinestones or some kind of shimmery baubles in 2020, you're not paying attention. Just be sure to remove all your hair glitz carefully (don't toss them away or let them go down the drain).


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