How To Color Your Wig At Home

Preparing Your Wig for Coloring

Before you color your hair,color your wig there are many things to consider. First, you have to figure out which color you want to dye. Do you want to change to a brighter or darker color? Do you want a semi-permanent hair color or a permanent one? These questions design the initial hair coloring needs.

Secondly, various brands have different hair coloring creams on the market. Some enhance the original color, those that change color, and the list is endless. For women with different skin tones, pick the wig color that best suits your wig color or the wig color you like. Make sure you research this and check out the product reviews.

Finally, while allergies are extremely rare, some people have allergic reactions to chemical hair coloring products. Whatever product you decide to use, you need to do a skin allergy test before you use it to be safe. This usually involves adding a bit of the product to your forearm to see if you have an adverse reaction to it.

1 Applying the dye

This is possible to implement when you have purchased a light-colored wig and want to dye it a darker shade. A light-colored wig can be dyed a darker color, but the reverse is impossible. Assuming the color of your wig, as long as it is a light color, such as white, light blonde, silver, or pastel shades. You can then dye your wig to the darker shade you want.

2 Wig coloring site

First, choose a suitable place to dye your wig. The dyeing process can be messy, so choosing an area away from any valuables is best. Place a table in your chosen location and cover the table with newspaper or an old tablecloth. Finally, place your wig on a wig stand. You can choose a garage or basement if you can't dye your wig outside.

3 Wig dyeing ingredients

Wear an old shirt you don't care about to prevent some of the dye from getting on your clothes. Also, put on some latex gloves before you start working with the dye, as this will help keep your hands clean and help reduce the mess.

4 In wig dyeing

Start by dyeing the top layer of hair that is visible when the wig is naturally parted. Take out your spray bottle and spray the dye 3-5 times in an area to cover a section 2-3 inches (5.1-7.6 cm) wide.

Reach your fingers into the root area and wiggle them back and forth through the hair. Pass your hand through the section 2-3 times to ensure it is completely covered. Repeat this application process on each section of hair.

After you have dyed the first section of hair, create another 2-3 inch (5.1-7.6 cm) wide section next to it, spray the dye on it and get it in place with your hands. Continue around the top of the head, focusing on spraying on the hair near the roots and upper part of the hair. Afterward, lift the top part and dye the hair underneath in sections as you go around the top of your head again.

5 After coloring your wig

There are two ways for you to choose. The first is to leave the wig outside to dry. Try to keep it out of direct sunlight. You can leave it in a slightly less sunny area, but let it dry completely. This usually takes about an hour, but if your wig is particularly long or thick, it may take longer.

If you're unsure if the wig is completely dry, run your hands through it. If any dye comes off your hands, it will need to stay out a little longer. The second is to rely on a heat setting tool, but remember one thing use the lowest heat setting possible.

If you are blow-drying your wig, use the "cold" setting. If you are not blow drying your wig but want to use another heat styling tool, turn your tool to the lowest possible heat setting. This will minimize the damage to your wig.


The risk of coloring your wig at home is that you're unsure if you'll end up with the exact color you want. While there are suggested results for each hair color on the side of the box, you will find that your hair will often not look exactly like the girl on the box.

That's why I recommend starting with semi-permanent hair or a simple color. The most important thing is don't be afraid because it's just dyeing a wig and not our hair, so don't be intimidated, and maybe there are some happy times in the coloring process.