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With the Lumiere Hair Share Earn Programs, earning money is incredibly easy! Simply share through social media and online interactions with your friends and followers. You can save them money while earning commissions for their purchases!

The Share Earn program is a straightforward way to earn money. There are no thresholds, costs, or complications involved in earning real cash every day with just one click. The commission is calculated based on the price of the shared merchandise, with a minimum of 10% commission.

The more you share, the more you can earn!

                      Lumiere Hair Partner Site

Applying for our Affiliate Program on our partner sites, you will benefit from their unique preferential policies. Just click and check!

                                 How it works?

  • Step01: Register for a free affiliate account 

  • Step02: Promote on different social media platforms as an affiliate.

  • Step03: Attract potential customers to click on your posts.

  • Step04: When someone places an order at, you earn commissions.

  • Step05: Receive your well-deserved commissions as an affiliate for promoting

                               Your Benefit

      As an affiliate, you have the opportunity to earn a commission of up to 10%. This commission is determined on a per-order basis, meaning that each and every order will receive a flat rate commission.

         Your Friends or Followers Benefits

                1.Over 700 hairstyles to choose
                2.Affordable prices
                3.24/7 customer service and Live chat service

           Why Choose US?

                  · 10% commission rate.
                  · Frequent newsletters on the latest promotions.
                  · Trusted by 2M+ customers