Cap Size

                               How To Measure Your Wigs

  • The length of wigs should be measured from head spin to the longest length hair at the bottom.
  • The length of wavy hair wigs needs to be stretched to straight, then measure it.

For same hair length in different style, the hair length would look different. So hair of tighter curly/wave would look shorter.

1. How to comb the wig?

When you need to comb a wig,be gently. Do not use a regular brushes. For straight and body wave,?
wide-tooth-comb are highly recommended. For curly and deep wave, pls use hand to prevent tangle.

Attention: Brush hair end first,then the middle part,and the top. It will reduce the tangling and shedding effctively. Use Your Hand To Comb The Curly Hair 

Fluff your curly wig gently with your fingers. Curly hair or wavy hair can lose curl if it is brushed too much. It will be easy tangling if you comb the small curly hair with combs


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