Curls look beautiful, but the struggle it takes to make them look bouncy and healthy can't be ignored. Usually, beginners love to wear curly wigs because there will be no long-term commitment to their natural hair. Still, they find it difficult to style it, especially if they don't have naturally curly hair. So, to ease your styling and keep the wig vibrant, we bring easy tips for any curly or wavy wigs, i.e., deep wave and water wave wig. Let's get to know them. 

Excellent and Easy Tips to Style a Curly Wig:

  1. Try A New Hair Color: 

If you ever wanted to change your hair color but did not because it can heavily damage your natural hair, then it's time to make it true. Pick a curly wig with your desired hair color or pick a human hair wig and dye it with the exact color you want to have. A plus point is, trying wigs in various colors helps you figure out the colors that suit you best.

  1. Keep the Curls and Waves Defined:

Curly wigs only look good when their curls are defined. For that, girls apply too many products to keep the curls and waves defined in wigs, but it weighs the hair and reduces bounce. 

There are only two rules to keep the curls and waves defined and hydrated: water and mousse. Completely mist curly wig by spraying water via spray bottle. After that, apply mousse in abundance from top to ends to define and hold the curls and waves.  

  1. Use Flat Iron Instead of Blow Dryer: 

You might have heard that using heated styling tools can damage your human hair, deep, and water wave wig badly, which is correct. But do you know that heated styling tools work best on human hair wigs to give them the volume and managed style you want? But still, we don't encourage using heated styling tools; limit them to specific events.

But there is one mistake that many women make is using the blow dryer to give volume to their deep wave and water wave wigs; it just ruins your wig texture and makes it uneven. Instead of a blow dryer, use a flat iron. It helps you create volume near the base when lifting hair from 45 to 90 degrees near the base to avoid a flat head appearance. 

  1. Keep Curls Clean and Managed:

If you want to look good in wavy, curly wigs truly, make sure that there are no tangles and matted hair. Like washing and conditioning curly wigs, brushing and detangling them is also necessary.

Make sure to use the hairbrush meant for a curly wig that is clean and is of proper size in accordance with your wig. Detangle your curly wig regularly. When brushing, start from hair ends and work the way up. Stay gentle while detangling the wig. If any knot appears, use your fingers to dangle it instead of tugging and tearing hair. Otherwise, it will damage the wig base.

For keeping your curls as new, wash in one direction and avoid boiling water. Otherwise, even styling tools will not help the wig retrieve its texture.

  1. Try Out Your Favorite Hair Cut and Style: 

Curly hair takes longer to grow, but when we grow them, we want to keep them intact. At this time, curly hair wigs help us to achieve a haircut we dream of. Then you can try different styles on a specific haircut to find out which one suits you the best.

For experimenting with different haircuts to check out the best one according to your personality and lifestyle, we suggest you buy low-priced synthetic wigs and then invest in high-quality human hair wigs. 

  1. Wear Wig Cap to Keep It Stay: 

You look confident in wearing a wavy, curly wig when it is comfortable, secure, and natural on your head. For this, we suggest you wear a wig cap. Wig caps come in multiple materials and numerous colors. You can select the one that suits you best, make sure its color is nearest to your skin tone.

  1. Customize the Wig Hair: 

The most important thing in styling a curly wig is its cut. Whether you have purchased the long, medium, or short-length curly wigs, please don't wear them as it comes. Customize it to make it look yours.

Cut some tresses that flatter your face shape or trim it to make it easy to style your hair as you want. If you are thinking of making a dramatic change in a new wig to make it suit you, it's better to take it to a stylist to cut it, and they will tell you prior if it will suit you. 

  1. Use Only Curly Hair Products:

You must not only focus on having hair products that have no damaging chemicals but also on purchasing the ones that are made for curly wigs. These will make your styling process easier and pop up the curls. Also, use only the hair styling tools that are meant for curly hair to keep your wig's texture intact.

  1. Make Curly Wig's Lace Match Your Skin Perfectly:  

When it's a lace front curly, wavy wig, you need to make sure it perfectly matches your skin color. 

We are telling you a secret, use mousse, and face powder. Apply mousse first. Let it vanish in lace. Apply your face powder on it and wear a wig on your head, and you are perfect to go. This is far better than only using a powder that may look unnatural to those sitting/standing closer to you.

  1. Don't Put/Throw Your Hair A Bonnet to Preserve the Curls:

Bonnet is a good way to preserve the curls you have styled but just throwing your hair in a bonnet at night to preserve them is not good. It will cause tangles and matting on open curly hair.

Make two pigtails or four-section ponytails and twist or plait braid them down before wearing a bonnet.  

  1. Co-Wash Before You Wear Curly Wig: 

When the wig comes, it has very uniform curls, which is not the true texture of the wig, and it has factory debris. So, co-wash is to bring out the true curl pattern of hair. This will make it look extremely natural.

  1. Comb the Wig When It's 80 Or 70% Wet:

Curly wigs only stay in their pattern when you comb and apply all the styling products 

when it is 80 or 70% wet. It is the best time to style curly wigs. Otherwise, styling the dry curly wig makes them frizzy and their texture uneven. 

That's all for styling curly wigs. Hope you like it. Let us know which tips help you the most, or share what works the best for you in the comments.